Weekend Getaway in Muscat

There are plenty of things you can do during a weekend in Muscat. There are lots of things to do if you know what you are doing. From waking up to watching turtles hatch their eggs at Sur’s Ras il-Jinz to basking under the sun at the Millennium resort in Musanah. If you are here on transit or just driving down from the UAE. Here is a weekend getaway for those who like beach and fun!

Millennium Resort

Millennium resort Musanaah is one hour away from muscat in an area providing private beaches and unspoiled marina scenery.  It is a 4 star hotel that is a popular choice among family members to take their kids while providing laid back luxury dining and an ocean-side hookah lounge. Arrive before sunset and take a dip on the beach side people where there is a Tiki style bar that offers margaritas and beers starting at 7$ a pop. Bask in the sun and jog to the beach for a quick ocean swim for a bay watch run that would even Pamela Anderson to shame.


Around sunset its time for you to prepare yourself for nigh time activities by jumping into your Hawaiian shirt and take in the beautiful scenery from your balcony starting at around 90$ a night.  Head to the Lebanese restaurant downstairs and get ready for a round of hummus followed by an endless night of strawberry dacquiries and lemon mint mojitos- no tip required!

Once you find yourself done with the nightly shenanigans head over to the breakfast buffet offers at the downstairs restaurant and indulge in fresh fruits and omelettes before you start off the day taking the banana boat ride! If you’ve got what it takes to last through the banana ride then drink some water and get ready to beat the hangover for another day of vacation heaven!

Top Things to Do

  • Snorkeling
  • Beach volleyball
  • 18 hole mini golf course
  • Spa