The Chedi Muscat – A Local’s Review

The Chedi Muscat Hotel

So you have decided to make the trip to Oman and are looking for places to Stay. Good news is whether you are in the south, west or north of Oman, there is a good array for luxury hotels to satisfy all your luxury needs. The Chedi Muscat is a very special hotel for me to review. As a Muscat native, I grew up sharing the same water as The Chedi’s just fits away from its private & envied beach. 

Adversely, I feel the need to present an honest review of one of Muscat’s finest hotels. This review is not shrouded by impressionable luxury. It is the expected standard of luxury in Muscat that only a local understands when comparing one hotel to the next. 

With that being said, Oman 4 star hotel are in par with many 5 star hotels in Europe. The standards of luxury are higher and start with 3 star hotels (equivalent to 4 elsewhere) in the country. As such, I will be assessing the Chedi based on the standards of luxury in Oman.

The Chedi Muscat
Dining views from the Chedi Muscat


  1. The Chedi Muscat
  2. Why Stay There?
  3. Location
  4. Amenities
  5. Restaurants
  6. Verdict

The Chedi Muscat

The Chedi Muscat is a 21 acre garden Oasis that boasts 158 Omani inspired guest rooms and villas. It was designed by Jean-Michael Gathy whose other works include:

This is just to give you a hint of the design element, wich are minimalistc, and the tranquility experiences provided by the artist. The hotel itself was one of Oman’s first luxury hotels, alongside the Bustan Palace,and has brought one of the many first to the regions hotel scene.

The Chedi Muscat pool
The Chedi has the biggest pool in the region at 102 meters

Why The Chedi Muscat?

 Not only is the hotel one of the best in the region, it is also a local’s favorite hangout location. The Chedi Muscat is know by locals and you will frequently catch around sunset hours having a drink or an expensive bite to eat. 

The local’s of Muscat swear by the coastal side of the country and every establishment found upon them. It only helps that The Chedi Muscat offers one of the most serene views and service within Muscat. It has become a getaway destination alongside Sifa Beach and Shangri-la Bar Al Jissah (another renowned 5 stars establishment). The Chedi hotel is Muscat favorite hotel for a reason. 

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Fun Fact: The Chedi Muscat has the best collection of pools you might have seen in your life. 

Location, Location, Location

If you are looking for a holiday destination in a country that is far away from yours, why would you shun yourself far from the local experience? The Chedi Muscat is located at the second most affluent neighborhood in Oman, Al Athaibah. 

It is in the heart of Muscat and within easy reach to all parts of the city. Being in Downtown Muscat affords you the chance to live among the locals and to be where they would be. The idea of cultural tourism in Oman is not about you being observed by the locals, who are mindful of their own business, but a chance for you to go with the flow in the middle of it. 

Go out to the beach side by 4 pm and watch the locals who dine at The Chedi Muscat. Otherwise, leave the gated premises and drive down the corniche to Al Athaiba Pier for a glass of Karak Tea and desert right next to the locals. 


Now I wouldn’t dare recommend a hotel that would have a vending machines as it’s precious luxury machine. Private beach, Spa, tennis courts, 21 acres of gardens and utmost guest service in every step: The Chedi Muscat has it all. 

The Chedi also has the biggest gym you have ever seen in a hotel. It’s not  a treadmill and two weights kind of deal. I mean, someone had to put those acres into use somehow. The 102 meters pool only begins to scratch the surface. Palm trees surround the beach part of the hotel and the views are impeccable and one to make a holiday post card out of.

The Chedi Gym
Gym at The Chedi Muscat; One of the best in Oman and exclusive only to you


The restaurants at The Chedi Muscat are terrific! The food melts on your palate and the level of service is above par. However it comes at a price. Dinner for two with two glasses of wine would set you back around $250. Drinks at the bar are not any cheaper. I suggest ordering the bottle directly and avoiding ordering glasses of wine due to the significant markup on the price. Of course, if you are on holiday I don’t see a reason as to why not skip to the bottle directly. 

The Chedi Muscat dining
Restaurant views from The Chedi are among the best in Muscat

I recommend dining by the ocean at least once.

Tip: I personally would not go for the international restaurant as I do not feel its worth the price. Muscat locals are afforded certain luxuries on a daily basis, it becomes harder to coerce from them with a big bill considering the alternatives. 


The only thing The Chedi does not offer is ‘freebies’. Despite paying thousands of dollars by the time you leave, you will not see one free thing comes your way. The Shangri-la Bar Al Jissah hotel offers a 1 hour free drinks period for its guests. Al Baleed Resort would shower you in complimentary fruits and a high end breakfast. The Chedi would only offer polite smiles to you request. 

The Chedi Muscat beach view
Room views from The Chedi Muscat

At the end of the day you are really paying for all the ‘free stuff’. Still, it would still be nice to be offered something for the gesture. Maybe its just me but I naturally expect ‘free’ compliments at high end hotels despite the thousand dollars on my bill. 

Nonetheless, I recommend The Chedi Muscat as a must visit while in Muscat. It is hands down one of the best hotels you would come across to in Oman and the Middle East in general. Heck, if I wasn’t a local myself  I would’ve spent my weekends there to say the least. Don’t miss out!

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