When Is The Best Time To Visit Oman

As you would probably expect the Middle East is practically a desert where civilizations spawn upon. The idea of camels and desert sand fill the minds of those of you about to visit but be ready for a reality that’s no different that you’re used to! Oman is very interesting because of very unique colonization history dating back to the Portuguese, British and ottoman empire. The capital city is very westernized while anywhere from 30 minute to and hour in an direction far off and you would either be in the mountains or the desert-both of which have a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Whether you are planning a get away during the holiday or a summer trip, Oman has what it takes to accommodate your needs,

With that being said, when are the best times of the year to visit Oman?

April to July

Otherwise known as the turtle hatching season. You can head out to Sur two hours away from the capital where you can stay at the turtle observatory accommodation. Be prepared to be awoken and taken by foot during the dark hours of the night to the water side where you can witness the migration of 20,000 turtles who lay 60’000 eggs on the areas beaches. The weather remains fairly reasonable to enjoy activities like Snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins during the off season.

July to September:

Otherwise known as burn season. Temperature reach highs of 120 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) and the humid weather is simply unbearable to stand. This is why you would find that most Omanis tend to travel elsewhere during the summer to 2 particular destinations. Out of these two destination one of them is London and the other is Salalah; a summer forest in south Oman.

During the hot season Salalah turns into a forest filled with greenery and cool breezes while the rest of the region is boiling from heat. This is the best period to visit as fall in south of Oman happens only during the summer; with winter there turning into summer. An untouched territory that is great for hiking and forest exploration.

October to March

aww baby did someone say summer *takes off shades*? yup tis’ the season! put on your short shorts and bring your surfboards because this is the best time of the year to visit Oman. The weather cools down and humidity drop significantly. all what is left is the remnants of your summer all your summer regrets coming back to life one more as you bask in sunny winter. Santa brings sun-lotion for all the good kids!

Best time of the year for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, diving, and cliff jumping among all things summer worth