Best Day Trips From Muscat

After hearing that some friends booked a $329 for a desert tour we decided to research into the matter as to why are tours being offered at this outrageous price! As locals we know what the going rate and can judge the price accordingly.

After hours searching through every popular tour site it became apparent why: BIG COMPANIES!

We realized it is not that the tours were not available at a decent price, it was that the companies you find on the first page were already dominating with enough reviews and longevity to demand a higher price. Of course, nothing wrong with charging $50 extra for the added reputation, however what we discovered was shocking.

The same EXACT tour offered at $329 was available for $80! A striking difference.

As toursits you don’t know any better than to trust what is on the first page and pay the price in turst. As locals, we are here to help you out.

We have sifted through HUNDREDS of tour offering to bring the best tours with the highest value for your money in Oman. we have divided our findings into the following sections


  • Half day tours
  • Adventure Tours: the wadis
  • Heritage tours
  • Mountain tours
  • Sea tours
  • Muscat tour
  • Night time tours
  • Where to stay

If you are planning a trip to Oman and you don’t feel like driving, this is a list of recommended based on price and value

All listing include a brief description, duration and price of the tour. 

Muscat Half Day Tour

This is perfect is A) you are part of a cruise, or B) you have other things planned for the night. Whatever the case is, I highlight the best half day tours for you below.

Desert Safari Tour

Wahiba sands is a favorite destination for Muscat locals. Located under 2 hours away, this desert has been a stapled school trip destination, work function excursion and getaway location. 

day trips from muscat

On this tour you will get to ride a camel and go Dune Bashing, a favorite activities for locals. Of course, you will need a 4×4, which will be provided to you as part of this tour.

What’s included:

  • Private guide
  • Hotel pick up
  • Admission fees
  • Water

Check detailed program and pricing

Tour Duration: 8 hours                                                                                  

Price: $80

Note: Muscat Sea Tours might be of interest for a quick 3 hour adventure.

Tour from Muscat to Wadi Shab

Also known as Wadi Ash Shab, this is the most popular day tour destination in Oman. It requires some extra preparation on your behalf before going to this. Make sure you pack everything you need BEFORE arriving to Oman! Adequate physical condition is needed if you intend to partake in the adventure part of this tour. 

Read more on Wadi Shab here

Tour Duration: 8-10 hours

Price: dependent on party size

Details on Wadi Shab private tour here.

Tour From Muscat to Snake Gorge (wadi)

Rest easy as Snake Gorge does not actually have any snakes. It is refereed to as Snake Gorge due to the snake like appearance of this canyon. This area offers some of the best off-roading experience in Oman. It boast beautiful scenery and stunning cliffs all around.

 Snake Gorge Tour is the newest and most exciting adventure destination in Oman

Tour duration: 10-12 hours

Price: dependent on party size

Details on Snake Gorge Tour

Heritage,Muscat Tour Package

Nizwa Day Trip From Muscat

Nizwa is the most visited cultural destination city within Oman. It is filled with historic building and forts at sits at the center of religious heritage in Oman. Also, it happen to be an Instagram favorite, just look below.

Now is your chance to discover the marvelous and grandiose forts within Nizwa. You will see one of the oldest and biggest fort in Oman. This trip also Includes a stop by Bahla, another cultural destination within Oman.

What included:

  • Live guide
  • Private transport 
  • Hotel pick up
  • applicable fees
  • Lunch

Nizwa Souk is the only truly traditional Souk you might come across in Oman

This could be the destination your Instagram so desperately need. Check detailed program and photos 

For German look here

Tour duration: 8 hours

Price: $149 (regular), $243 (German)

Dhow Sunset Cruise – A Traditional Omani Boat Ride

Watch the sunset over Muscat from a traditional Dhow boat within Muscat. This is historically important as Dhow making was a Oman craft learned and perfected after the brief colonization stint attempted by the Portuguese

day tour from muscat dhow cruise
A Dhow Boat is the traditional Omani boat that had once fueled the spice trade within the region

You will be served traditional Omani dates and coffee on this tour

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $70

Check detailed program and photos

Mountains- Muscat Day Tours

If you are already in Oman, you will notice that the whole country is surrounded by mountains. Of which Al Hajjar mountains are the msot famous one and comprise most of what there is to see in Al Dakhiliya region. The main attractions within this region are:

The second one is a village located within the mountains. CamelOasis has detailed a full travel guide should you plan to visit.

Jebel Shams Tour From Muscat

If you are looking for a getaway from Muscat’s city life, Jebel Shams offers one of the cities most popular getaways within 2 hr drive distance. Impeccable views and privacy while you bond with nature sound like the perfect Muscat day tour!

Jebel Shams tour from muscat
Mountains goats are a common sighting on Jebel Shams

What’s included:

  • Tour guide
  • Private transfer
  • Hotel pick up
  • Soft drinks
  • 4×4 Vehicle

Tour Duration: 8-10 hours

Price: $174

Check detailed program and photos.

Jebel Akhdar Tour

Jebel Akhdar means The Green Mountain when translated to English. Jebel Akhdar is the other notably famous mountains in Oman. If you are interested in Jebel Shams and want to combine your trip with another mountain, then this your tour to book.

What’s included:

  • Tour guide
  • Private transfer
  • Hotel pick up
  • Soft drinks
  • 4×4 Vehicle

Tour duration: 8-10 hours

Price: $174

Check out detailed program and photos

Sea Tours – Dolphin Watching in Muscat

This tour is one of the favorites we found withing Muscat. Not only are dolphins included but this tour also includes snorkeling! For the price, this is a steal and makes for the perfect tour if you are looking for a half day ocean excursions within Muscat.

dolphin watching in muscat
Dolphin tours are big in Oman. Many adventure awaits with these lovable creatures.

This tour is only available at 8am or 10 am

What’s included:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Shared transfers
  • Light refreshments with water and soft drinks on board the boat

Tour duration: 3-4 hours


Check detailed program and photos

*If you want to stay dry, a 2 hours cruise for $64 is also offered here.

 Muscat Multiple Day Tours 

Feel like taking a trip to the Empty Quarter and just camp there? I don’t. This tour covers a bedouin style stay in the empty quarter combined with a visit to the Lost City.

If that is something in your lane this is a tour that might be of interest. If you do end up on this tour kindly share with us your honest review below!

Tour duration: 2 days

Price: $1,215 per group

Check detailed program and photos 

*To be completely honest, this tour does look like a genuine Arab thing to do. I encourage you to do it if time permits.

Muscat In One Day

Avoid the Hop on hop off bus, seriously! It misses the most vital things to see in Oman and is a watered down tour of what is supposed to be a Muscat 101 kind of tour. Instead, for half the price of the bus tour, I recommend the following tour. 

It covers the Grand Mosque, fish market, ministry district, museum, King’s palace and the a couple of forts. 

Day tour from Muscat grand mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque had the biggest handmade rug in the world

Tip: If you are by yourself on this tour, ask the driver to stop by the Royal Opera House as well

Tour duration: 4 hours

Price: $32

Check detailed program and photos

Muscat City Tour For Groups

Exactly similar to the Muscat In One Day tour, this comes in handy if travelling with coworkers or big families. 

Tour duration: 4.5 hours

Price: $441 per group

Check detailed program and photos

Nighttime Muscat Sight Seeing Tours

There is just something delicious about Muscat during the night time. Whether its the smell of fine cuisine in the street or the light that cover the city, Muscat is a night time city. 

Facts are that Omanis are best described as nocturnal beings. Being the country with the third hottest summer in the world keep the local comfortable under the A.C’s. Which is also why Muscat beaches are ALWAYS empty before 5 pm.

day trips tours from muscat
Muttrah is the old downtown and economic center of Muscat

A night tour stands to its own right when visiting Muscat.

day trips from Muscat night tour
Muscat at night. Another side to Muttrah 

Tour duration: 4 hours

Price: $64

Check detailed program and photos

Hotels in Muscat 

For all the tours you are going on it is best to base yourself in Muscat. Unless you are in Musandam  or Salalah the Muscat should be your book your stay. I recommend four hotels, that work with every budget, that are located in prime locations within Muscat. 

The Chedi Hotel (Omani Luxury)

 Not only is the hotel one of the best in the region, it is also a local’s favorite dine out location. The Chedi Muscat is know by locals and you will frequently catch around sunset hours having a drink or an expensively delicious bite to eat. 

The Chedi Muscat pool
The Chedi’s infamous pool is among the longest in the region

This is an ocean side hotel located in downtown Muscat. You can’t go wrong by staying here. For more information read our The Chedi Muscat review.

Check photos and prices

Beach Bay Hotel Muscat (Budget Friendly Oceanside)

Located in the most expensive neighborhood in Oman (second being where The Chedi is) this hotel is by the beach and offers a range of amenities at your disposal. 

Starbucks is within walking distance, bars are  within reach and a number of restaurant operate around this area making your stay much more enjoyable.

Check photos and prices

Cenantara Muscat Hotel (Modern & Clean)

This hotel in newly built and is located in downtown Muscat. Convenient location, clean room and under $100. 

Check photos and prices

The Grand Hyatt Muscat (Muscat Hallmark)

One of the oldest and unique luxury hotels in Oman. Grand Hyatt Muscat claims its place as an iconic view point to Muscat’s self proclaimed “love street.” 

Location is in the most expensive neighbourhood of Oman and is in the middle of all the attraction. Royal Opera House is within a 5 minutes drive from this hotel.

Best value for money.

Check photos and prices

The tours listed offer the best value for your money. Don’t get scammed into buying an overpriced tour of something that doesn’t deserve the price. Oman is not cheap but it is not outrageously expensive either. 

For your safety, and your family, make sure you have appropriate insurance and travel resources 

Safe travels!

OMAN TOUR  Your Personal Travel Advisory

Want more than the tours offered above? we offer a fully tailored travel service that will take care of all your booking and will connect to local guide for any special request for your tour. CamelOasis is the most detailed guide to travelling and offers only the best recommendation from a local’s perspective. Get in touch and let us be by your side on this Oman trip. 

We accommodate adventures not offered by online tour providers. Special Oman Tours can be arranged for adventure seekers as well.


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