The Hidden Wadi’s Of Oman

Wadi Oman

Planning your next Holiday in Oman but don’t want to be confined to the roads most traveled? We got you with our list of best Wadi’s in Oman to visit this holiday that are lesser known than their famous Instagram counterparts. Find peace and serenity as you explore these locations on holiday, after all, these nature miracles are only found in few places in the world!


Al Ain Sabhan 001.jpg

Located near Al Buraimi, no  place in Oman has water as pure and transparent as Al Ain Sahban has. The waters are simply mind-blowing and worth every minute of the three-hour drive from Muscat. Since the drives takes some bumpy roads, a 4×4 vehicle is recommended for this sightseeing road trip while on Holiday in Oman.

Al Ain Sabhan water
Sulfur formations on Al Ain Sahban

Light blue sky reflects on the transparent water into a majestic color of blue. The water is  refreshingly warm and pleasant for a swim. Al Ain Sahban tops the list of the best Wadi’s to visit. Unfortunately, the place has no official signboards that locate you to it so asking any of the locals you meet on the street would your best choice at directions.

To add to it, Al Ain Sahban sulfur springs are said to have healing benefits for some conditions including skin. Talk about a free spa sesh!

Al Ain Sabhan 3.jpg

Tip: The locals do not expect a tip from you and so you should refrain from tipping outside of Muscat or resorts as it is not part of traditional Omani culture.

How To Get There 

You can reach Al Ain Sahban in a sedan or 4×4 vehicle. We recommend 4 wheel drive for all trip around Oman. We also recommend cross checking your location on Google Maps.

Heading from Muscat, drive down to Sohar for about 1.5-2 hours. When you reach a sign that points towards Al Burami take the exit past the Crown Plaza hotel till you reach a tan colored Mosque. From there make a right on a narrow lane till you see green signs that will point you towards Al Ain Sahban. Note, that the signs are in Arabic.

Travel time is around 3 hours each way. Definitely worth it.

Tip: Al Ain Sahban is one of Oman’s well kept secrets. Withheld even by the tour guides themselves! However, should you need assistance the locals will be happy to show you the way.


When you think of water sporting activities such as paddle boarding or whitewater rafting, your mind immediately wanders to countries such as Norway, Austria or Switzerland.These nations are known for some of the world’s most pristine waters although watersports are now sought by thrill-seekers from around the world.

Still, those thrills don’t come cheap: you’ll be shelling out anywhere between $1000 or $1500 for a weekend in any one of these countries, and that’s before you even talk of renting out a kayak or raft.But what if I told you that you could partake in the same thrills while on Holiday in Oman – does that sound a bit far-fetched? You’ll be glad to know that there exists a wadi in Qabil, which lies en route to the more famous Wadi Dayqah in the fishing town of Quriyat.

Wadi Wabil

Wadi Qabil is quiet – almost deserted – compared to the latter. However, that’s hardly a testament to the beauty and serenity of this wadi.It’s one of those places I’d call a rare gem within the Sultanate. On the right day, you can drive down there with your rafts, pander in a spot of rafting, and then camp there with your mates for the night… all for free!

There are no sign boards to the wadi so we asked for directions to the nearby village. Nevertheless, armed with an idea of the whereabouts of the wadi, we powered inwards. The only way you can spot the entrance of the wadi is if you look out for a tired-looking boom gate that was initially intended to fend off unwanted visitors. It now lies open indefinitely. The initial part of the drive to the wadi is a walk in the park – even your average sedan can forge through without breaking sweat. However, things only get difficult from there on, at which point I’d suggest you park your car and complete the rest of your journey on foot.I wish someone had told me that because not so long after we encountered a clear stream of water that we boldly decided to drive through. I mean, how hard could it be for a brawny truck, right?

Wadi qabil 2.jpg

The mirror-like clarity of the water was such that we were coaxed into thinking that it wasn’t deep – but boy we were wrong. Mother Nature can be a bit deceptive: that’s something we learned when we were halfway through the wadi.The depth at the midway point nearly equaled the height of my truck! Yet, committed to refrain from stalling the vehicle, I gunned the throttle.In a few moments, we were at the other end of the wadi, but the results were quite calamitous: the wadi rocks had ripped through the bumper and sheared off the number plate and other vital essentials from underneath the truck.But what’s an adventure without a setback?

Wadi Qabil

Among the light-brown rocky landscape, there were bursts of green with shrubs and bushes – though quite scanty owing to the heat.Meanwhile, the currents in the wadi were powerful! The reason for the strong flow can be put down to the stream of water originating from the mountains and partly from the dam in Wadi Dayqah. This means the flow is strong enough for those looking to go rafting or kayaking too.The strong flow in the wadi meant that we were constantly thrown off the raft. I assume someone with better knowledge and skills in rafting will find Wadi Qabil a formidable challenge. You don’t need to be an adventurist to enjoy the beauty of Wadi Qabil.

It’s one of those rare locales that just has so much on offer while spending your holidays in Oman.

Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is among the most frequented wadis in Oman. It is located 2 hours from Muscat and is a wadi packed with adventures.

Due to its proximity to Nizwa, Jebel Shams, Birkat Al Mouz and Misfat Al Abryeen, Wadi Shab has become the most popular and tour guided Wadi in Oman. Now, tours offered at Wadi Shab are adventure filled with abseiling, hiking and even swimming.

Wadi Oman
Wadi Shab hike

If you are in Oman you have been to Wadi Shab at least once. If you are visiting, then this is probably the one wadi you need to add on your bucket list!

Which wadi in Oman would you visit first? Share your thoughts below!

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