Salalah Tours

The Best of Salalah Tours 

Salalah is the southern most city in Oman. It belongs to the Dhofar region of the country. It remains fairly untouched by the expansive development in the north parts of the country an has some of thee beautiful nature in the Middle East.

Mostly overlooked when visiting Oman, Salalah deserves its time to be explored when visiting Oman. Similar to visiting the north or the south Italy, you visit to Oman should be comprised of the same pattern.

Places To See in Salalah 

The most important places you need to visit in Salalah are as follow.

  • Khor Rori
  • Taqa village
  • Mirbat
  • Wadi Ayun
  • Ain Sahalnoot
  • Dohfar rural areas
  • Salalah mountains
  • Beaches of Mughsayl
  • Yemeni restaurant 

Luckily, the East and West tour of Salalah covers all of the must see locations for you.

East AND WEST Tour of Salalah

As you probably know, Salalah is a big commuter city compared to Muscat. There are two sides to Salalah, the East, and the West part of it.

Usually a tour guide will only take you to one of these locations. However, if you plan accordingly you can get both in the same day,or not. Whatever you decided on doing,both tours will show you the beautiful nature of Salalah. A big must when visiting Oman.

The tours are divided into two half day tours..

  • East Salalah Tour
  • West Salalah Tour 

East Salalah Travel Guide

The east Salalah tour covers all there is to see on the east side of the city. This tour primarily includes ancient village, natural hot springs (known as Khor) and ruins of the city. Compared to the West tour is this is more on the heritage side of things.

East and west tour of Salalah

Tour duration: 4 hours

Check detailed program and price

West Salalah Tour Guide

This tour covers the western part of Salalah. You will visit the sandy beaches of mughsayl, visit the resting place of a prophet and pass by frankincense trees on the way!

salalah tour guide

If you though the hot springs were cool wait till you see the trees!

Salalah tour guide
Salalah is popular for its frankincense trees

Tour duration: 4 hours

Check detailed program and price

Salalah city Tour

Salalah is the southern most country of Oman. This part of Oman has a different flavor then you would see in muscat. I recommend taking a city tour especially during the monsoon season as this is a city you do not want to being walking in!

Salalah city tour
Our rental car covered by mud during the monsoon season
The only way around is by car and public transport is close to non existent. Walking will not get you far.

Check detailed program and price

Wadi Tours in Salalah

A wadi is similar to a canyon where a body of water often collects. It is one of he main attractions when visiting adamant as is the case with Wadi Shane or Snake gorge in the north.

Salalah, with its monsoon season, green mountains and surf beaches is no exception to this. Wadis in Salalah are many and are mainly referred to as Ains. Ain Sahalnoot is one of the most popular in Salalah.

Salalah tours
Camels getting ready to cross the street
The wadi in salalah is called wadi.. although it might move advised to swim in due to the weather conditions that come upon salalah, you can still marvel at its beauty and unique formation.

Check detailed program and price

Salalah Festival 2019 related

Also know as Khareef Festival, which stands for fall, is Salalah event that is held every summer between the months of June and August during the monsoon season. It is the second festival in Oman right after the Muscat festival which takes place during the cooler months of winter

Salalah tours

Any question regarding an upcoming trip? drop us a line in the comments below!

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