7 Best Places to Visit in Muscat – A Must See List

Oman is a relatively new country with so much to offer unknown to the rest of the world. Not much is out there regarding places to visit in Oman with currently existing literature is mainly derived from another tourist’s perspective. Unsatisfied with the listings made by other tourists out there I have made a list of this list of the Top 7 Places to Visit in Muscat: From a Local’s Perspective.  The Top 7 Places to Visit in Muscat: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat Royal Opera House Muscat The Walk at Al Mouj The Chedi Muscat Mutrah Corniche & Port, Muscat … Continue reading 7 Best Places to Visit in Muscat – A Must See List

You’d Be Surprised At How Safe Oman Is

Is Oman safe? That is usually the question that comes on people’s mind when determine whether to make the flight to a middle eastern country. Given the current situation portrayed on the media it’s for a warranted reason. Especially when it comes to a country like Oman where lack of global presence makes for more skepticism. How Safe Is Oman? Having lived in the capital city, Muscat, for 18 years I can assure that I have never felt safer anywhere else aside from my semester abroad in Rome. I didn’t realize how much of a blessing this was till I … Continue reading You’d Be Surprised At How Safe Oman Is

Weekend Getaway in Muscat

There are plenty of things you can do during a weekend in Muscat. There are lots of things to do if you know what you are doing. From waking up to watching turtles hatch their eggs at Sur’s Ras il-Jinz to basking under the sun at the Millennium resort in Musanah. If you are here on transit or just driving down from the UAE. Here is a weekend getaway for those who like beach and fun! Millennium Resort Millennium resort Musanaah is one hour away from muscat in an area providing private beaches and unspoiled marina scenery.  It is a … Continue reading Weekend Getaway in Muscat