Muscat, Oman. Everything You Need To Know About Avicii’s Deadly Visit.

Tim Berling, better known as his Swedish name Avicii, has been found dead in Oman at the age of 28 on 4/20. Avicii was an EDM star best know for hits such as “Levels” and “You Make Me” is a two time Grammy winner who has been on DJ Mag top 1 in 2012 and 2013.  Tim Berling brought “Bromance” during my day in high school when nothing seemed to make sense till I would play some of his jams. From the first track I heard “Fade Into Darkness” I would hooked on EDM and explored a whole magical world that led me into State of Trance, Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso collabs, Tiesto’s Adiago for  Strings all the way to seeing at EDC 2013 in Vegas. Avicii was found dead in the evening and his death comes at a loss to everyone in the EDM community. One question still remains: how did end up dying in the city of Muscat and where is Oman?

Where is Muscat, Oman?

Muscat,Oman is located on the Arabian peninsula and is often refereed to as Norway or Switzerland of the Middle East. It’s a peaceful paradise among people who once had their roots deep in the desert but now enjoy the modern day luxuries of fast cars and private villas all over. an unexplored paradise, Oman welcomes people from all walks of life with its main trait of being debatebly the most hospitable people in the world. No man is ever lost in the trails of the desert headed toward the enchanted mistress of the mountains, Muscat, without having a barricade of cars pull over in your assistance. Reporting from Huntington Beach, California, i have not seen a stranger thing!

Sifa beach on of the treasures hidden within the mountains


Why Was Avicii In Muscat?

Being four hours from Dubai, Muscat offers an experience that not be found in the propestitous Giza pyramids or the bloated cultural experience in Dubai. Oman serves as the last hidden gem of tolerant Arabic culture through centuries of keeping to themselves. being sprung 50 years ago into modernization, its boasts the everyday luxuries metropolitan cities have but still offers an authentic cultural experience unspoiled by its past of british colonization and massive migrations. And so Dubai, filled with all the glamour and hype, is no place for one to meditate at ease among nature while getting away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday metropolitan life. As far I could conclude, Avicii was there simply to enjoy himself and reflect upon the beauty of of the crisp mountainous nature as he spent his last precious hours before leaving his eternal mark on this world.

Where did Avicii pass away?

If i was to say where he would stay in Muscat, there are only a handful of places that would serve a man of his stature and pose. Past the downtown area lies a Shangri-la sea resort, Ritz Carlton Palace and a mountain top hotel which is one of the seven seas most luxurious hotels. You no longer will contemplate why you should visit Oman.


Obviously Avicii was visit in Oman for holiday and death comes as a shock to anyone in Muscat who have ever turned the radio on on their daily commute. He has touched the lives of just about anyone through his influence on the modern music scene. forever grateful for the all the emotions you inspired.

Feel the way through the darkness I don’t know where the journey will end but I know where to start.. You will be missed Avicii, a true revolutionary talent of the music world.

Update: It was posted on Muscat hills resort on April 21st that Avicii has visited the property and was said to be cheerful and act normally like any other guest.  @Muscathillsresort on Instagram.

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