You’d Be Surprised At How Safe Oman Is

Is Oman safe?

That is usually the question that comes on people’s mind when determine whether to make the flight to a middle eastern country. Given the current situation portrayed on the media it’s for a warranted reason. Especially when it comes to a country like Oman where lack of global presence makes for more skepticism.

How Safe Is Oman?

Having lived in the capital city, Muscat, for 18 years I can assure that I have never felt safer anywhere else aside from my semester abroad in Rome. I didn’t realize how much of a blessing this was till I moved to Los Angeles, California at the onset of age 18. I was concerned more for my safety in SoCal than I was ever used to before. This made me come to a realization: Oman is pretty darn safe!!

I involved myself in further research and I established that with the western media portrayal of the Middle East they often forget to highlight positive of certain respective nation. Naturally one would be inclined to make the flight to Dubai with no hesitation but would be skeptical at the idea of a trip to the Middle East. As result of our association of risk with the word. So let me specify when I speak of my city Muscat, Oman by the way of our sister city Dubai.

What Would Make You Believe?

going through the WEF, Oman ranks as the 4th safest country in the world surpassing Switzerland, Norway and the U.K. This is because despite its region, Oman has involved in neutral politics on all side and stand to resemble a nation of peace. In fact, thought the current nations history there has a number of 0 terrorist attacks occurring in the country! The people keep to themselves and have a circle of trust that keeps their lives moving swiftly for everyone involved.

Wow,I bet It’s The Same For Women!

Is it safe for woman to travel solo to Oman? Hell yeah! Despite a common misconception that ties a woman’s choice to wear the headscarf with a lack of identity, Omani women celebrate their right to a measure exceeding that off men at times! Trust me, I once a woman tell off 5 nervous men in a construction project that she was heading!

Reason being is that the Kind upon taking on the Monarch established a woman’s day and declared from the birth of the nation that women are tone included in every aspect of development, “otherwise, how can you build a nation with only half of its population?” The king said. In fact, a good number of recent graduates entering the workforce are Omani women engineers! If anything, women are treated at the the utmost respect in the country, whether a family member or a stranger.

Wow That Sums It Up! Julio, Get the Stretcher Ready!

Not so soon Brodsky! despite the openness and cultural hospitality of the Omani people there are always some local cultures and customs to attain too before hand. Even if no one say anything regarding an indirect offense Omani people still a appreciate a foreigner who tries to follow of some of their cultures and traditions. To highlight the big one I’ll go as follows:

1. Modesty: do everything in modesty. Speak modest, move modest, dress modest-meaning no highly revealing outfits in public or obnoxious screams at the pub. Wealthy and moderately wealthy people alike do not indulge in excessive public displays of attention as a gentle rule. You could be sitting next to royalty but you wouldn’t even tell!

2. Handshakes: as a man or female try to use your best judgment in assessing whether someone of the opposite sex okay with a hug or handshakes- despite how friendly the are! Nothing big will happen if you do buy prepare to deal with the awkwardness of no one extending their hands back to you:been there one too many times!

3.Take Pictures: never, ever, EVER, take pictures of Omani people without permission. My girlfriend swears that Omanis are the most private people on earth! I still won’t take a phone call with her still in the room; weird, I know! Omanis love their privacy so don’t intrude especially if it a family. Generally speaking family’s are protective of their partners and kids social image but if you find a group of youngsters walking around do ask them if you can take a pic and they most likely be inclined to say yes.

I for one, love me any camera attention coming my way, just make sure you get a #model #gorgeous #whosmans? and I’ll be good to go.

Bottom line is, wherever you go just don’t be an asshole and everything should be fine! Each one’s history and culture may differ but at the end of the day human compassion and empathy remains .Remain humble and may good fortune will find you in all of your travels.

Ps: come to Oman.