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Top 5 Restaurants in Muscat,Oman With A View

Don’t make your downtime a dull binge fest of boxed chocolate and potato chips! Treat yourself to some real relaxation where delectable dishes in wondrous settings await your attention. We picked 5 of our Oman favorites.

Anantara Jabal Akhdar 001.jpg

So, you’ve finally made it to Muscat and you’re in for a relaxing dinner and relaxation to take away from the Netflix binge-watching pattern from your last two holiday? Say no more. It’s about time you indulge in some cuisine while bird watching or viewing the sunset over the mountains at Jebel Akhdar, for instance. If a basic dinner isn’t what you are into during your trip to Muscat, Oman then not head to one of the stunning restaurants we have planned out for you for a remarkable evening? All while you top your Instagram with #Muscat #Oman #Cameloasis (or to simply build a portfolio of holiday images to impress Carol from the office at your next company meeting). Picture perfect? we got you.


Shangrila muscat.jpg

It’s hard to classify the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa as a hotel; it’s an experience. A Muscat’s local favorite, you are cocooned by trees that guide you to your hotel from the second you drive in. Not to forget the Turquoise-blue waters that outline the scenery like you’ve never seen before in Oman. There are several restaurants within the hotel and the choices are wide for your cuisine of choice. Each restaurant comes with a view handpicked to match the cuisines that is offered.

However, if it’s a relaxing meal by the beach is what you seek, the contemporary Italian restaurant, Capri Court, would be our go to choice. Just the thought of delving into a slice of freshly baked, thin-crust pizza, peppered with hot melted mozzarella while dipping your feet in the sand has us drooling on the keyboard  while writing this blog.

ALILA JABAL AKHDAR OMAN [1.5 Hrs. From Muscat]

Juniper Resturant Jabal Akhdar.jpg

An essential honey moon destination, Alila Jabal Akhdar Oman is a majestic hotel set in the heart of Al Hajar Mountains. 5 stars luxury cottages and adventure activities abound, this hotel is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Muscat’s life. From rock climbing to sightseeing to infinity pools overlooking the mountains, your stay is not complete before you head to the Juniper Restaurant for an elegant and mind soothing Arabic supper- served as the calm, light mountain breeze carries you into a state of Omani nirvana.

THE CHEDI MUSCAT [Downtown Muscat]

The Chedi Dining.jpg

The Chedi Muscat is one of Oman’s most iconic names in the hospitality industry. Set in the heart of Muscat, the hotel overlooks the water of the Gulf of Oman from its private beach. The hotel draws in Muscat locals looking for a mental escape or a cold drink, it offers views that you would expect to find in the South of France sprinkled with middle eastern charm. The Beach Restaurant on-site offer Mediterranean cuisine and alcoholic beverages on the seaside.

Tip:  The Chedi is notorious for being a prime Instagram spot for the bloggers visiting Oman.


Anantara Jabal Akhdar.jpg

From stargazing at the spot prince Diana once stood to soaking in the tranquil air of the canyon overlooking Al Hajar Mountains, Jabal Akhdar comes back once more with impressive views worth of a dine-out. Ask for ‘Dining by Design’ and not only will the Chef tailor your meal, the staff-which will include a butler- will also set your magical evening by the canyon’s edge!

THE VIEW AT HAIL AL SHAS [2 Hrs. Towards Muscat Heights]

THE VIEW Hail Al Shas.jpg

Oman’s signature view is that of its mountains ranges that peak through the thick clouds flying over your head. If you’re looking to make companionship to those mountains, then The View at Hail Al Shas has your covered. Aside for being known for offering and all-Omani experience, The View also offers delicious breakfast, which if timed correctly could have you glean the rays of sun gleaming through the mountain cracks. Truly spectacular!

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