Oman Is In Which Country – FAQ

As part of an upcoming series of FAQ regarding Oman, I will answer some questions answered by the readers of this blog. In this post I will discuss the location of Oman in terms of its geography, brief history, and the need to know highlights.

Oman in which country
Royal Opera House in among the region’s most luxurious.

Hey Salah, I was reading your blog about the hidden wadis of Oman and I was wondering,, Oman is in which country exactly?”- Murli

The most asked question: ‘Oman is in which country?’ 

Oman is an independent country at the tip of the Arabian peninsula. It is bordered by United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabic and Yemen. Across the Ocean lies India & Iran. Oman is in the continent of Asia.

The Capital of Oman is Muscat and it is the political & commercial center of the country. In recent times Duqm & Sohar have been emerging due to their new port investments.

Much like most cities in Oman, Muscat is a coastal city located about 400 km from downtown Dubai. It is currently the most condense city in Oman with 2 million residents living there.Oman has a population of 4.11 million, of which around half are foreigners. Outside

Outside of Muscat, the biggest cities in Oman are Salalah and then Sohar. Salalah is an important city to Oman in terms of tourism due to its monsoon season during the middle east’s hot summers.

The confusion is understood as unlike most known destination, visiting any part of Oman is simply referred to as a visit to Oman. Meanwhile visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi would be uttered distinctly by the speaker. 

Who goes to Oman?

Until recently Oman has been under the radar as a quiet and private country. However the rise in tourism has been correlated to Oman’s active investment towards its tourist industry. As a result many tourists are now finding their way to this hidden treasure. 

Oman’s highest tourism figures come first from India, followed by Germany and then England. These figures are followed by European countries and the US.

Is Oman safe?

Oman is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact Oman has been rated to have had 0 incidents of terrorism on international rankings. According to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI), Oman is considerably safer than the US, Italy, Dubai and many other popular destinations. 

Petty crime is not prevalent in Oman but one should still take care. Read the FAQ for more on safety. 

Things to do in Oman

Now that we know where Oman is, are you looking to visit? CamelOasis is your best guide for all things Oman related.

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