Why Muscat, Oman Is The Safest Tourist Destination This Summer

The Fourth Safest Country In The World..

Or so according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The way I see it there is nothing safe about getting in diet for summer only to be barricaded by 3 pounds of Halwa (Omani desert), 6 pieces of Mandazi and 4 plates of Mendi at family functions. Bold move visiting if you have any chance of realizing you freshmen year of college dream of having a 6 pack by summer.

Asides from making you abandon your childhood dream of starring at the next installment of Baywatch Oman is incredibly safe country to visit. Without any further proof I would attest to this fact having lived in Italy, China, Los Angeles, Orange County and where I currently reside in Germany; Oman was the safest I have ever felt. Only thing that would compare next is China (yes, China!). Despite both countries having regulations about public behavior,which would seem scary to first time tourist venturing into theses area, they really aren’t that bad. Reality is if you remain a decent human being and leave whatever debauchery you thought of bringing behind it really is a breeze visiting theses countries.

However, that remains my subjective opinion so here are some facts:

  • Guns

    Oman is very strict on guns and very few people posses guns, Those who do posses hunting gun for some culturally related sports like bird hunting or desert camping. Aside from that there has been rare incidence of any incidences related to guns in the country. From my 18 years experience living in Oman I have only heard of one!

  • Theft

    Unlike most other popular destinations pick-pocketing isn’t a thing in Oman. It’s culturally frowned upon and sustained to the country’s strict policy on foreign immigration that helps sustain this cultural element. There have been minimal thefts throughout the country and most reported on Times of Oman are minor, unrelated to tourist, thefts. There is very little to worry about in this regards.

  • Terror Level

    Asides from being rated as the 4th safest country by WEF (surpassing the US and UK) Oman still sustains a lower terror threat than all Middle Eastern countries; with the US placing on an equal level to that of the country. Matter of fact there has been 0 terror incident since the country’s incorporation towards the late 60’s. Comparatively to the UAE (Dubai, Abu-dhabi) Oman ranks on a lower terror scale mainly due to the religious tolerance and the unique Islamic sect of Ibadhis that dominate the country; a tolerable and culturally oriented sect. Primarily, this

  • Police

    There a lot of police cars patrolling the city especially around Muscat. Constant check point are there to ensure the safety of citizen and particularly against drunk drivers. The local police are courteous and disciplined. They never intend to harass citizens or visitors and are there to ensure public safety of your family and theirs.If ever needed you can call 9999 and police will be at there with ambulance and a tow truck to help in case of an accident or any concern you have. You are encouraged to call the cops if anything arises although unlikely. The city is safe to walk around in day and night.

Oman is one of the safest destinations you could visit. As with every destination you would visit it is imperative that you keep aware of your surrounding and respect the local customs and behaviors. Otherwise rest assured that you are well on your way to an unforgettable time in the capital of hospitality: Oman!