How To Not Look Like A Tourist In Oman

What not to wear or how not to be disrepectful

Now that the time for your trip has come, you’ve got the ice chest out and you’re on the balcony with a corona captioning all of your selfies with #vacayy. Odds are you are one of three types of people: a hipster, a millennial or a Kardashian. In which case you’re probably wondering “how can I look like cultured?” and to your dissmisal no website offered you any insight on this topic. Fortunately, as a college graduate I have all the time in the world to drink Matcha lattes and answer all these questions. Here are 9 ways not to look like a tourist in Oman (9 more reasons why i’m unemployed) :

The Mummy: Look, we get that you’re trying to be resepctful to the culture. Don’t push it. Omani people are not extremely conservative or extremely liberal, they are modest in everything.General rule is not too tight and too revealing. sbring your colorful outfits and look nice for the gram. Just ask yourself two questions while you decide your outift: Would I wear this during a Miami summer? would i wear this in the middle of Serbian winter? If the answer is yes to either then drop the outfit.

Here are some Instagram profile I follow that I think will serve as a guy to what modest dressing.

Skii Mask: WOAAAH calm down Britney! Not only do you look like you’re about to rob a bank but the even Omani women would are likely stare you down

I know it’s the middle east and no Homeland is not an accurate descprtion of the culture. Omani women do no tend to wear the Burqa and a matter of fact its prohibited in all work places around the countries. Certain area in the country would find women wearing it. However, they merely do it out of culutre and not neccesarily a religiously mandated conviction. Muscat is very westernized and the rest of the country is focus on culture and toleracne. All you have to do is wear your biggest smile and shine!

Speaking Slowwwwly: Either the person you’re talking to speaks English or doesn’t-they’re not primitives! If all fails tho the the good ol’ sign langauge would do though it is unlikely you would be lost beyond belief if you don’t know any language. The people always want to help you, they are genuinely concerned about your well being and will go out of their way for you. A simple Salam Alaikum will take you a long way in Oman.

Selfie Stick: Just don’t..

Celebrate Your Right To Being A Woman

Great news: Oman celebrates women rights and womanhood like no other! I can reassure you that the level of respect and appreciation you will receive will make you believe that chivalry still exists. Not only are you expected to act as an independent but you are encouraged too. The majority of women in Oman are outperforming men in college studies with many of them ending up in the field of engineering. A lady is nothing to be taken lightly as in Omani culture women are seen as the earth to which men rise and its their wishes their aim to please.

…and you thought Channing Tatum was smooth.